Enterprise Architecture & Standards

Enterprise Architecture and Standards covers the broad spectrum of technology environments to include software, hardware, networks, applications, data, security, access, communications, project management and other relevant architecture disciplines. These technology areas are described in domains, and each domain contains enterprise policies and standards to support the vision. Several enterprise policies are directly related to architecture domains. Currently, the architecture is described in ten domains, which include over one hundred (100) enterprise standards.

Enterprise Standards Domains

In order for the Enterprise Standards to apply, Enterprise System Criteria must be met. An Enterprise System is one that provides critical function to an organization and meets at least two of the following characteristics:

  1. Provide primary operational services to an organization and/or its customer base;
  2. Provides primary operational services across more than one group within an organization;
  3. Provides primary operational services on which other applications and/or business operations often are dependent.

Enterprise Standards are continuously reviewed and revised by the Enterprise Architecture and Standards Committee. The most current approved version of each Enterprise Standard is listed below. Each link will open a PDF document containing a summary of all standards in each domain.

Need help finding a specific product or category? This Key Word Listing was developed to assist you in your search. Simply open the Key Word Listing, scroll through the alphabetized document (or conduct a search within the document) to locate the product or category desired. The applicable category is listed beside each keyword; a link is provided to the Domain.

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