Technology Advisory Council

The Technology Advisory Council (TAC) serves to improve coordination, accountability, and oversight of information technology across the executive branch of state government. It currently supports the Commonwealth Office of Technology in the implementation of the IT Infrastructure Initiative (I.3) (visit the Finance I.3 site for general information and COT I.3 site for more detailed information). It provides a forum for agency input and will assist with the development of the enterprise IT strategic plan, establishment of service level agreements and metrics for centralized services, and review of Capital IT projects. The TAC began meeting in January 2013 and is comprised of business, financial, and IT leadership chosen by cabinets.


Agency: Member:
Economic Development Cabinet Katie Smith
Education and Workforce Development Cabinet Stuart Johnston
Energy and Environment Cabinet Rob Thorne
Finance and Administration Cabinet William M. Landrum III
Finance and Administration - Commonwealth Office of Technology Jim Barnhart
​Governor's Office ​John Hodgson
Health and Family Services Cabinet Robert Putt
Justice and Public Safety Cabinet Elzie Burgher
Labor Cabinet Brian Kiser
Labor Cabinet (GAPS)​ Denver Collett​
Office of State Budget Director Phillip Rosell
Personnel Cabinet Robbie Perkins
Public Protection Cabinet Judy Kail
Tourism, Arts and Heritage​ Cabinet Christopher Reece
Transportation Cabinet Heather Stout

Active Workgroups: 

Inactive Workgroups:

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