Frequently Asked Questions 


I have questions about Managed Print (Printers, Copiers).
Visit the KY Managed Print website for assistance related to Printers and Copiers:

How do I request (document) Printing services?
Visit the Kentucky Design & Print Services web page at:

Where do I find Information about health and life insurance coverage, dependents, paystub information and leave balance totals?
That information may be viewed at:

How can I check my email away from my desktop?
Your state email is accessible online via

What are the requirements for setting up my password?
Information about password requirements can be found in this document: CIO-072 UserID and Password Policy .

Where can I find out if an IT product is an enterprise standard?
Enterprise IT standards can be found:

Where can I find enterprise IT policies?
Enterprise IT policies can be found here -


How do I report frequent, unsolicited or inappropriate email (SPAM)?
Unsolicited or inappropriate email such as SPAM should be reported to the Commonwealth Service Desk by email or by telephone at (502) 564-7576.

How do I report security breaches (physical and system related)?
Once a security issue has been confirmed please contact and or by telephone at (502) 564-7576.

Blackberry Password Information

To enhance data security on all BlackBerry devices on the state BlackBerry Enterprise Server, the Commonwealth Office of Technology implemented password requirements on November 15, 2011. COT has developed documentation to provide guidance to users to implement a password on their device or devices that are not managed through the state BlackBerry Enterprise Server. These documents provide specific guidance based on the software version in the device. For assistance in determining the software version of the device, please visit the Research in Motion website at the following link for additional information:

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