• COT Services

    COT offers a variety of services and works hard to support the special needs of our customers. If you have questions about how to request a service or procure an IT item, please take a look through our Frequently Asked Questions.
  • IT Infrastructure Initiative

    Governor Beshear's Executive Order 2012-880 "Regarding the Centralization of Information Technology Infrastructure Resources across the Commonwealth" directs the executive branch to adopt a centralized Information Technology (IT) infrastructure services model. The Information Technology Infrastructure Initiative (I.3) is the program by which COT will perform that centralization.
  • Metrics

    The Commonwealth Office of Technology is committed to bringing value and innovation to Kentucky through technology and services. Utilizing the Balanced Scorecard methodology and other significant measures, COT reviews a number of metrics to ensure we are providing a quality customer experience. These metrics provide us, and our customers, with a scorecard of our performance.
  • Security Awareness

    The Commonwealth Office of Technology (COT) Office of the Chief Information Security Officer promotes a culture of security in Information Technology by providing online security training opportunities. 


    The following video is one example of the efforts to bring security awareness to state government and to the citizens of the Commonwealth.


    You are the Target, Don't be the weakest link! (video)

  • Service Desk

    The Service Desk provides assistance and support for all statewide customers who use the Commonwealth of Kentucky's IT infrastructure shared services.
    Commonwealth Service Desk staff are Help Desk Institute ‘Customer Service Representative’ certified professionals fully qualified to help resolve your specific issue.


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State Employees: Last Paycheck for 2014 to be issued December 23rd

12:00 AM - 11:59 PM
Division of Human Resources
(502) 564-7233

In keeping with the tradition of early distribution of pay prior to the Christmas holidays, final pay for December will be issued on Tuesday, December 23rd. Please note that pay will not be issued again until Thursday, January 15, 2015. Please contact the Division of Human Resources with questions.